*** Attention: Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Independent Professionals...

"Are You Successful In Business And Now Ready To Take Your Life To
A New Level Of Excellence?"

"I'll Show An Easy, Step-By-Step Process For Creating A Rich, Fulfilling And Deeply Purposeful
Business AND Personal Life!"

Dear Fellow Small Business Owner

From: Simon Allard
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Monday, 8:45 a.m.

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

  • You're living such a hectic life, that where no matter how much you get done there is always an endless list of other things vying for your attention... and many of those things bore you or drive you crazy

  • You're pulled in all directions as a small business owner and doing so much, that you miss out on too many important things in life... and that frustrates the hell out of you

  • You're caught in the "living to work" mindset and you're just too busy "getting there" to enjoy the journey... and now you crave a life of balance, vitality and purpose

  • You've achieved many goals in life, but you still feel disappointed and dissatisfied... and you're left wondering, "Is this IT? Is this what I really wanted?"

  • You see that most people play small in life and just settle for mediocrity... and you find yourself thinking "No Way, Not Me!"

  • You know with all your being that what you've done, what you've got, and who you are right now is just a small taste of what is possible for you... and now you want MORE!

If ANY of the above statements apply to you, then I can help you. So, let me introduce myself...

Who Is Simon Allard?

My name is Simon Allard and I'm known as the "Personal Freedom" Business Coach. Why? Because I've made it my mission to help business owners, entrepreneurs and independent professionals create a rich, fulfilling business AND personal life.

I enjoy my own life immensely... but it wasn't always that way. Just a few years ago, my life was very different. Although I saw myself as an intelligent, savvy business owner something was amiss. When I really looked around at the chaos in my personal world as I built my consulting business, I had to admit that I was living the life of a "busy fool"

I would often work 80+ hour weeks in an attempt to provide for the needs of family. And even though I spent much of my time at home, I was really only there in body but not spirit. My work consumed me and my deepest values were in constant conflict. My health and relationships suffered and no matter how much money I made I couldn't find any lasting pleasure from it.

Jump forward to today. I have never been happier and more at peace in my life. I now get to spend quality and quantity time on the things that really matter to ME. I homeschool three of my children with my wife, I get to properly look after my health and I work only with people who inspire me.

So What Happened To Bring About This Change?

In simple terms, I woke up. I finally saw how I was building a business that was based on what other people classified as "success"... not MY definition of success.

I also realized that I was not in the driving seat of this "vehicle" called "my business". I had become its servant not its master and I had been allowing myself to be pulled in directions that left me feeling empty. I was focused on the wrong thing.

Here's what I finally got straight...

... To have a rich, fulfilling and deeply purposeful business AND personal life, I had to FIRST create my "Life Plan" THEN craft a business plan. So I set out to get clear on what matters most to me in my life and then build my business around that.

Since then I have worked with many business owners, entrepreneurs and independent professionals to help them create a rich, fulfilling business AND personal life using the same systems that I have integrated into my own life.

Does everything always go to plan? Is my life always "ideal"? Of course not. But when things go awry I am able to quickly bring my life back on track because I have a system that supports me.

This is a system that I have also used with my private clients... and now I want to share that system with you.

"Six months ago I was damaged goods, losing my stuffing. Simon has coached me to choice, excitement & outrageous fortune. My potential has gone ridiculous. Great fun, Great coach. I doubted anything - let alone everything - would ever work out this well. Simon helped me question those doubts & negative beliefs & defeat them in style. My personal & business relationships feel easier & massively more successful & my income is in vertical ascent."

Philip Gamble, Business Owner, Dorset, UK

Before I tell you more about this program, let me ask YOU a question...

What Will Be Your Epitaph?

Imagine lying on your deathbed at the end of a long life, family and close friends standing near by.

Your mind drifts over the major events of your life... growing up as a child, leaving your family home for the first time, being at college, dating, getting married, having children, building your business, holidays abroad, family celebrations and other social gatherings, key personal and professional achievements, becoming a grandparent, and so on.

And as you feel the end of your life drawing near, and the mental pictures are replaced with your own internal dialogue, do you hear yourself saying these words, "I wish I had spent more time in my business."

Wow, would that be a sad testimony to the summation of your life?

Would your epitaph read: "His/her business was their life!"

Do your loved ones see you like this? Do you like the sound of that? How does it feel?

Not good, right?

BUT it doesn't have to be that way...

Your Business Is NOT Your Life!

Here's the thing... and this may be a shock to many small business owners... Your Business Is NOT Your Life!

Your business is a "vehicle" to get you to the kind of life you truly desire.

Having your ideal life is a choice. You either choose to create your own destiny or you leave it to chance with the risk of being swept in the wrong direction.

To have a a rich, fulfilling and deeply purposeful business AND personal life, you need to consciously, pro-actively design your business and personal life to be the way you want it.

But BEFORE you can have a plan for your business you need a plan for your life.

I want to tell right now that you CAN design a life NOW that you will be proud of at the end of your life. You CAN enjoy the journey rather than be fixated on some never-really-to-be-reached destination.


Here's how...

"Simon was able to find where my passions lay, and give me a new perspective on my life."

Heather Step, Pretoria, South Africa

Design Your Ideal Life

Remember when you first dreamt of a new life and how having your own business could get you there?

You've got to go back to that type of thinking.

"Where do I start?" I hear you loud and clear.

First, you need to be honest and clear about what matters most to you in life and then structure your life around those priorities. And not at some way distant point in the future but starting now.

But how can you make a strong commitment to follow through on your priorities if you don't really know what those priorities actually are?

The Life Revitalizer program helps you clarify your top priorities. You get to put yourself and your true life desires firmly in the limelight. That's right, you get to forget about your business for now while you create your Life Plan.

You'll get help with answering soul-searching questions like this:

  • What are the most important things in my life?

  • What do I want to give more attention in my life to?

  • What do I want to be, do and have in my life?

  • How do I want my life to be by this time next year... and in 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, or more?

  • What do I want to see, feel, experience, learn during my lifetime?

  • What kind of legacy do I want to leave to my family, my community, the world?

  • How do I want to be remembered after my death? What do I want people to say about me?

You'll dig deep with these penetrating questions so you can then set about shaping your business around your answers. You need to create a plan for your life FIRST, and then plan your business around this.

However, without the information about how you want your life to be, your business will be inclined to take on a sort of life of its own, leaving you sapped of energy as you merely react to situations rather than actively dictating your life's direction.

How Is Your Business Serving YOU?

Although you will not have intended it this way when you started your business, you may find yourself currently incarcerated in a prison of your own making.

If that is the case and you want to change the situation, then start right now by making the decision to have your business serve you, rather than you be its servant. Remember who is running the show here.

Having done the Life Revitalizer program you will be so much clearer about what your business has to do for you to get the life you truly desire. In the process, you will also discover a new level of energy to begin strategizing your business activities to make these "dreams" a reality.

"Simon's business understanding combined with his motivational skill, has completely changed my business approach and opened up a clear way forward for me. I can barely believe that I'm already meeting target earnings that a year ago I would have thought ridiculously optimistic! "

Aranya, Business Owner, Devon, UK

Have You Lost Your Balance?

As a business owner today, your personal challenge is balance. You want your business to be successful and you want to enjoy that success. What is your definition of success?

I'm sure you set up your business to improve the quality of life for yourself and those you most care about. So how's that working out? Do you have your ideal, balanced life yet?

Life balance means balancing the outer success of work, financial prosperity, and material "stuff" with the inner sense of success that comes from appropriately prioritizing other areas of your life like relationships, health and wellbeing, personal and spiritual growth, contribution and service, and fun and recreation.

The Program

This is not some touchy-feely type program that is designed to temporarily make you feel better. It's main purpose is to give you a solid foundation for your life upon which you can build a business that brings you what you truly desire.

I have to say straight off the bat that my program is NOT for everyone. It has been designed specifically for "motivated self-starters" who want some expert support in designing their ideal life but do not need (or want) to have their hand held all along the way.

The program has been arranged like this to ultimately accommodate a greater number of people who would like to engage my coaching services.

Until this point, the primary method of getting access to my one-on-one coaching was by contracting for a minimum 12-month period. I understand that this method does not suit everybody in terms of long-term commitment and/or financial budget.

So, I have utilised a "hybrid approach" in developing my Life Revitalizer program whereby new clients can still get access to me but without such an intense time and financial commitment.

My business clients tell me how working with me has positively impacted both the business and personal sides of their life. Now you can join these fellow business owners by learning and applying the Life Revitalizer system to your own life.

"You worked with me just over a year ago. I was leaving my former company and setting up by myself and it was at times messy and complicated. You were a fantastic coach who helped me keep focusing on the good times to come and the bigger picture and let go the small petty stuff. Well I'm delighted to report that 1 year in I have had the best year I've had for many years. I am happier, wealthier and wiser and it shows. The business is going great. Thank you for your support and for the courage you held out for me even when I wasn’t courageous."

Rosie Miller, Business Owner, Buckinghamshire, England

What could be more important than intentionally creating a rich, fulfilling and deeply purposeful life?

If you want to truly enjoy your life then you have to be proactive in making that happen. That starts with getting clear on what really matters to you and then designing your business around those things.

If your business is to become the vehicle that gets you to the life of your dreams, then it has to be given clear directions. Joining the Life Revitalizer program will kick-start you and your business on to the right path.

What Will You Get From This Program?

Mark Twain said, "I can teach anybody how to get what they want out of life. The problem is that I can't find anybody who can tell me what they want!"

Once you have completed the Life Revitalizer program, you will be clear on what you most want in life AND be able to create an action plan to get it.

The Life Revitalizer program will help you...

  • Clarify what matters most to you in life...

  • Discover how you really feel about all the key areas of your life...

  • Create a compelling vision for your life...

  • Identify the deeper purpose and meaning to your life...

  • Determine a clear action plan for achieving what you want in life

You can see why I've called this the LIFE REVITALIZER program. Having completed this program, you will feel a new level of energy and inspiration for creating your ideal life... designed on what matters most to you. Not only that but you will have a "roadmap" to get you there.

Of course, I cannot promise you that your world will be perfect as a result of doing this program. Nobody could promise that. What you put in you get out. But, if you fully engage in the processes I guide you through in this program, you could find yourself experiencing these results:

  • More joy and fulfilment

  • Improved health and wellbeing

  • Deeper, meaningful relationships

  • Greater clarity of thought and decision making

  • Higher productivity in your personal and business life

  • Greater sense of purpose in your personal and professional life

  • Able to contribute more to others

  • A clearer perspective on money and wealth

  • More fun and laughter in your life

  • Greater sense of balance across the key areas of your life

  • Massively reduced stress and frustration

  • Enhanced personal and spiritual growth

"Since working with Simon, I've gained a tremendous amount of clarity in the vision for my life. His Strategic Assessment gave me a renewed focus in my business, a greater sense of hope for the fulfillment of my dreams, and a revitalized sense of purpose. His insights quickly helped bring balance to my personal and professional life, and showed me some simple strategies that instantly improved the profitability of my practice. I'm excited to continue working with Simon as the strategies we've put in place unfold. Thanks Simon!"

Dr. Stephen Lippitt, Chiropractor, Belleville, ON, Canada

Program Structure

The Life Revitalizer program consists of four core elements:

  1. "Pre-session" Worksheets

  2. My Review and Analysis

  3. 2-hour 1-on-1 coaching session with me

  4. 30-Day 1-hour Follow-up Call

I have designed the "Pre-session" element to help you work steadily through my carefully crafted Worksheets by yourself PRIOR to us getting on the phone for our coaching session.

The Worksheets are organized to be worked through in a specific sequence and are designed to optimize your learning, understanding and retention of what you discover about yourself and your life aspirations.

The Life Revitalizer program worksheets provides a rare opportunity to be guided through a process of self-discovery, clarification and higher focus on what really, really matters to you in life.

From there, the pre-session worksheets will support you in setting very specific goals around your priorities and set you up to gain optimum benefit from the coaching session we will have together.

[Please note: Unlimited email support will be available to you during the "Self-study" phase. This means that should you have ANY questions or comments, I'll be on hand to answer and clarify.]

What Makes The Life Revitalizer Program So Different From Other Programs?

Too often, people who set goals don't know how to actually achieve their goals or, if they do know how, they don't have a "system" that will get them there.

During the one-on-one coaching session, I will help you to create an action plan for actually achieving your primary one-year goal. This goal will be structured around what you have decided is your key priority for the next 12-months and will be deeply connected to your longer-term life aspirations.

Having created your action plan, we will then lay down the core foundations for you to be supported in following through on and actually IMPLEMENTING your actions to bring about your desired result in your priority life area.

I will also help you put in place the mechanisms for tracking and monitoring your progress against the goals you set so you can always know how well you're doing.

30 days after we've had our coaching call, we'll meet again on the telephone for another 3 hours. During this follow-up call we'll review your progress, make sure you're on track, and I'll answer any questions you may have at that time.

The Life Revitalizer program has been designed to help you clarify and achieve what you truly want in their life. The program utilizes many of my best coaching tools, techniques and support systems to help you get from a standing start to the finish line in terms of how you want your life to be.

"Working with Simon over a 3 hour session really helped identify what was holding me back. I now feel ready to address those issues and move forward."

Allison Sutton, Coach, England, UK

Who Am I Looking For?

This Life Revitalizer program is designed for business owners, entrepreneurs and independent professionals and is aimed at giving them the foundations for creating a rich, fulfilling business and personal life.


This is NOT for Everyone!

As much as I would like everyone to live a rich, fulfilling and deeply purposeful business and personal life, I understand that only a few people are actually prepared to make the necessary commitment this requires.

So, I am being selective in who I take on this special program.

  • You MUST be someone who is prepared to dig deep and ask themselves soul-searching questions about their life and their business...

  • You MUST be open to receive ideas, recommendations and honest, to-the-point feedback...

  • You MUST be committed to implementing. There's no value in you making powerful self-discoveries about how you want your life to be and then not translating them into action...

  • You MUST be willing to invest in yourself and your business and understand that your R.O.I. (Return On Investment) is heavily dependent on your own efforts. What you put into this process, you'll get out in terms of results.

In A Nutshell

To summarize the whole process in four easy steps...

  1. You complete in the all carefully crafted worksheets (I'll be at hand if you want any extra help by providing unlimited email support) and send them back to me...

  2. I thoroughly review and analyze all your worksheets...

  3. We get on the phone for 3 hours of focused time together and craft an empowering action plan to help you achieve your top goals...

  4. We get together again on the phone after 30 days to review your progress, make sure you're on track, and answer any questions you may have at that time.

Okay, So What's The Cost Of Joining?

A better question might be, "What's the cost to you of NOT joining?"

The answer could well be "a massive cost"... in terms of missing out on creating a rich, fulfilling and purposeful life. Does that sound overly dramatic? If so, consider this.

Too many people, as Henry David Thoreau declared, "lead lives of quiet desperation". And what do they do about it?

The answer is... usually not a lot.

But you're not like that. You know there is way more to life than you are currently experiencing... even if life is already great you know that it could be way better.

How do I know this? Because you probably wouldn't have read this far if you weren't the type of person who is determined to get more out of your life.

Here's the thing. If your life is working out EXACTLY as you want it then you may not need this program. But if you find yourself feeling that your life could be so much better (or that YOU could be so much better) then you would be doing yourself a big disservice not to sign up for the Life Revitalizer program.

I am offering you the opportunity of designing your ideal life in a systematic way. The cost of not taking this opportunity is potentially huge.

People who truly live the best lives tend to be those who invest in themselves. They invest in their health, their relationships and their personal development. And that's what you would be doing here... investing in your life and investing in yourself.

"Simon Allard is a very intuitive and patient coach. There were a number of things running through my mind before our coaching session and by the end of our session he skilfully elicited the issues that were in the way. At no time did I feel pressured or prescripted. It is clea that with that degree of patience that he is working from a place of ‘purpose' as opposed to solely from profit. I found our session to be extremely valuable and rewarding."

Morton Patterson, Entrepreneur, London, UK

So What Is The Investment In Money Terms?

You might expect to pay well over $2000 for a potentially life changing opportunity such as this. Let's look at the value of what you get in this program...

  1. Worksheets plus unlimited email support (Value $647)

  1. Review and analysis (Value $350)

  1. 2-hour 1-on-1 coaching session (Value $798)

  1. 30-Day Review Follow-up Call - 1 hour (Value $399)

Total Value = $2194

Now I know that the value of this program and the support I'll give you throughout is definitely worth that amount. However, I also understand that sometimes price can be a barrier even for those folks who have the drive and determination to take their life and their business to a new, higher standard.

It's that drive and commitment I'm particularly keen to acknowledge and reward. I love working with action-oriented, committed clients who see their life as a work-in-progress and want to reach higher.

So, if that's sounds like you, then you'll want to jump at what I'm offering. Instead of $2000+ I'm doing something a little creative with this launch to encourage action-takers to apply.

I'm promoting this program in two "Phases" with each reflecting a different investment level:

  1. Pre-Launch (Private Beta - Invite Only) - $597

  2. Official Launch - $997

Let me explain the strategy behind this...

Phase 1: Pre-launch ($597)

This is an invitation-only phase that will go out to a few carefully selected people BEFORE I officially launch the program. I'm setting this low investment level for three primary reasons:

Reason #1

I want to attract and reward "action-takers". These are the people I most love to work with AND these are the folks who will get the most from my program.

Reason #2

I want to create a bank of testimonials for this program that I can use in my marketing in the later phases.

Reason #3

I want to get some quick feedback. As this is a brand new program there may be some minor aspects that could be improved. The things I'm talking about here include possible typos, clarity around worksheet instructions, font types and sizes, etc. I don't anticipate the need for any significant alterations to what I have created but, as I'm a perfectionist in many ways, I'm always looking for opportunities to make improvements, no matter how minor.

"Simon stands out as a trailblazer. He's a fiercely big thinker, but he's also able to see how to get from here to there in a very practical way. His approach is fresh, innovative and resourceful. If you're looking for a business coach to help you harness your intrinsic motivation to accomplish what you're on the planet to do, Simon Allard is the guy you want coaching you."

Kathy Mallary, Business Owner, Seattle, WA, USA

Phase 2: Official Launch ($997)

This phase is where the Life Revitalizer program will be open to a wider section of prospects. This final phase represents what will become the "standard" investment level for the Life Revitalizer program once the earlier pre-launch is over. This "standard" investment level is actually the most accurate representation of the value that my clients will be getting from doing this program.

The Best Deal

We are currently in the "Pre-Launch" phase so secure your place at $597 ($400 discount on the "Official Launch" price).

[As a comparison, just the 3 hours of coaching 1-on-1 with me would normally cost you $1197 based on my usual 1-on-1 rates, and that's not including all the value of the carefully crafted worksheets and the time I will take to review and analyze them, plus the "pre-session" unlimited email support.]

This is the absolute lowest investment level you will EVER see for this 1-on-1 program. Don't miss out... SIGN UP TODAY!

To your very best life,

Simon Allard
Simon Allard

Simon Allard

The "Personal Freedom" Coach

P.s. You can probably tell that I am super-excited about this program. I genuinely believe that it will have a profoundly positive effect on the lives of those folks who decide to go through the program and all it's elements. I hope you choose to be one of those people.

P.p.s. Remember, you can join this life-changing program for $597 by acting FAST. That investment is more than 70% off the full $2194 value of this program... but the price will go up VERY SOON. Don't delay... I'm looking for action-takers not "talkers", so Sign up NOW!